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Gibson Performance Training 




At GPT, we believe that at times, a person’s talent can take them places where their character cannot sustain them.



A group of trainers who embody the word FAMILY, with a total of 30 years of experience combined in physical training. 

GPT Family

Martin "Moe" Gibson


Chris Gibson


Gerald "G" Hall


At GPT, we believe that at times, a person’s talent can take them places where their character cannot sustain them.

"Go Hard or Go Home"

GPT Training


(Youth Training)

Training for kids ages 5- 11 years old: Training is focused on building strong foundations by using resistance bands and their own body weight. Speed and agility training are included within the priming stage. 


(Middle School)

Training for kids ages 12- 13 years old: Training is focused on adding weight training into their regimen.  Training includes the basic lifting movements and proper technique to execute a safe and productive lift session. Speed and agility training are included within the conversion stage. 



Training for ages 14- 22 years old: Training is focused on advanced strength and conditioning with varying levels of intensity. Advanced speed and agility programs are also included within the enhancement stage.  



The training for anyone recovering from an injury and trying to snap back to their normal state before the injury occurred.  Training begins after the client has been cleared by a medical professional, and any limitations set by the medical professional will be taken into account.


(Boot Camp)

Training for adults at all levels (beginner – advanced) who want to focus on specific areas of the body. Training intensity and exercises varies from each workout.



Training is for ages 5 and up: Training is tailored to fit the client after a physical assessment is complete. This training is focused on a 1 on 1 session between the client and trainer. Each workout will be specifically created for the client and each session will last between 50 minutes to 60 minutes.

When the Family talks, we listen!


Chase Young

"They are definitely family-oriented. Everyone is considered family, we are one big family. They went from rags to riches lol. You always want to surround yourself around people who are just like you or even better. They will push you to your limit"


Jalen "Stix" Smith

"Working out with GPT was one of the best decisions I made in my life. They helped trim me into an outstanding athlete, but they are more than just trainers, they are probably the most genuine people who sacrifice their own day to help you achieve your dreams. So much laughter and hard work goes into the GPT gym. I'm truly thankful we've crossed paths."


Jarrett "Swift" Hurd

 "Without GPT I could not have done it. Through all the hard work and dedication week after week, what I love most about GPT was the "FAMILY" part. Martin is not only a strength coach, but also a life coach. He always instilled in us how important education and financial stability is."


Lawrence Cager

"Working with Moe, especially after coming off of ankle surgery, changed the way I attack workouts for the rest of my life. The attention to detail, the level of discipline you need is unexplainable; as his workouts are not for the weak hearted."


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